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Christine Ferber

Alsace Charlotte Strawberry

Alsace Charlotte Strawberry

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Harvested during the high season, these Charlotte strawberries are full of sunshine and good energy and are cooked as a tasty fruit mixture by Christine Ferber and her team. There's only one rule here: work with fresh products and during the right season. Everything is cooked in old-fashioned copper cauldrons to guarantee the best. A good slice of fresh bread or toast will help you enjoy this delicious product.

Christine Ferber is a French pastry chef and chocolatier who co-owns La Maison Ferber in Niedermorschwihr, Alsace region of France. She sells over 200,000 jars of jam a year across the world.

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It is a coffee kitchen studio by Everyday Coffee Roasters, providing the neighborhood coffee and viennoiserie made for the day's consumption. We envision it to be our avenue to produce good-quality food creations made from our locally-roast coffees and homegrown farm produce.

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    Made in limited batches weekly to ensure all stages of the baking process are maintained consistently.

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    Hilltop pastries are baked, garnished, wrapped, dispatched, or picked up on release day.